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Juneteenth Theme:


Back to The Future

This year, Umoja Events will be celebrating 10 Years of serving the community. The Annual Juneteenth Festival titled "Back to The Future" will be like no other past festival.  Juneteenth "Back to The Future" Festival will be taking you through the journey of the African American experience using the lens of love. We will be going back and forth between old school (The Past) and new school (The Present). Juneteenth NYC originally started on Vermont and Jamaica avenues so this year we will have a parade from the old location directly to the current home on Linden blvd and Vermont Street, only 2 miles away. 

The parade will be guided by; a steel pan band, marching band, dancers, elected officials and community members. We are calling this the Unity Parade! The goal would be to give out balloon hearts as we walk down the streets and encourage followers to join us at Gershwin Park for more fun festivities. We are expecting about 500 people to participate in the Unity Parade.