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Get added exposure before the event even begins. We work hard to support, encourage and promote our vendors that participate in our 10th Annual #JuneteenthNY2020 Festival.

Vendor Price


1) 20 minute session


2) Session to sell/ play games/ activities with attendees


3) Promotion on our social media Disclaimer: Other sessions will be running simultaneously and patrons can go between sessions.



1. Presenter will have 25 minutes to do a training, workshop or show attendees a behind the scenes look of your business. This should be an interactive session.

2. Plus everything in the Vendor Section

Red Level


1. Provides logo on DJ LIVE throughout the Virtual Festival that will be shown on our Social Media page and on youtube the entire show and will live on the site after for replays.

2.  Two promotional post on all social platforms and through out 10,000k email blast

Green Level


1. All information from Red Level

 2. Four promotional post on all social platforms and through out 10,000k person email blast


3. Headliner of (one) of the performance sections of the event

4.Shouted out by the DJ's live throughout the event

2019 Vendors

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